Recording Studio

Inspired by the classics, the beats go on at Maple Tree.

Maple Tree Recording Studio introduces students to the technical and professional aspects of music that many music programs overlook, yet these are crucial to those who wish to make their careers in music. The studio has the software and equipment students need to produce their original beats sound recordings. Maple Tree Recording Studio is an excellent resource for media studies majors and music and performing arts majors at Beloit.

Maple Tree is directed by Ian Nie, Ph.D. who was trained at North Texas State and NYU. Despite his 2019 “retirement” from a 37-year career at Beloit, Nie has generously agreed to lend his talents and expertise to the up-and-coming musical entrepreneurs whose interests run from classical to jazz to hip hop.

In addition to being an expert self-taught music technician, Nie is also a pianist, music theorist, jack-of-all-musical trades, and a teacher with a legacy of positively impacting and inspiring his students.

Student working with audio in the recording studio. Student working with audio in the recording studio.

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