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Post Studio

Learn to edit video and film. Editing is an immensely valuable skill and is second in creative importance only to the film’s director.  Learn to edit, mix, and engineer recording of music.  Performers cannot exist without you.

Student films, television programs, other video, and music recordings are welcome in the post-production laboratory. CELEB provides a first rate video and sound editing suite, with DVD capabilities and all computers connected via high speed LAN for quick access of video and audio files.  The suite includes:

  • Two dual 2 GHz G5s with 150 GB hard drives and Avid Express Pro
  • One G5 with 1.6 GHz – 75 GB configuration, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Creative Suite
  • Two Mac G5s and two eMac G4s operating ProTools and Reason music software and midi keyboard
  • Multi-deck Panasonic SVHS linear transfer center
  • Transparency and Sharp liquid crystal projectors
  • TV monitors, DVD and digital cable
  • And more coming each year!

Get involved.  Learn the software.  Find partners.  Have fun with with ideas you have for producing TV shows or films as you acquire both skills and perspectives that will pay off for you for a lifetime no matter what career you eventually pursue.  But if film or video is your thing, you cannot miss these opportunities.  Post-production skills can be the passport to success in any aspect of content production.