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Maple Tree

CELEB - Maple TreeEverybody loves music!  Learn about the industry and how you might break into it.  The majority of those employed in the industry are self-employed professionals.  They need to know how to market themselves, how to work with others in projects, how to get their work distributed, and, bottom line, how to get paid.

For many, if not most, the gateway to the industry is to have well-developed skills in specific areas including the technology of reproducing and distributing sound as well as in performance or composition. Of course, you have to have some business skills, too.  That is why the studio is located in an entrepreneurship center.

Maple Tree introduces students to the technical and professional aspects of music that many music programs overlook, yet these are crucial to those who wish to make their careers in music.

The studio has the software, the boards, the audio interfaces, the microphones, the computers, the digital converters and all the equipment you need to produce great audio.  For pick-up, check out the Neumann PLM 103 and PLM 49 mikes, for mixing, the Malcomb Toft ATB 16, and for getting it all down digitally, Pro Tools 8LE.  Best of all, once you get started learning what you need to know in the music tech classes, the path is wide open for you to plunge ahead, use the facilities hands-on for your own projects, and to become a master mixer!

Maple Tree is directed by Professor of Music, Ian Nie, Ph.D., trained at North Texas State and NYU, and self-taught expert in music tech.  Ian is also a pianist, music theorist, jack-of-all-musical trades, a great teacher, and someone with the fussiest ears you will ever encounter.