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Center for Entrepreneurship in Liberal Education at Beloit (CELEB)

CELEB - Main

CELEB will help you start your own business.

The Center for Entrepreneurship in Liberal Education is an off-campus resource for any Beloit College student with an interest in nurturing an idea and growing it into a business. 

It is a professional but cozy facility, loaded with technology, equipment, and amenities, that features total access to any Beloit student.  Here, students can develop, plan, and execute their own entrepreneurial projects.  CELEB is a place that encourages students to develop the skills necessary for self-employment through actual practice

CELEB is an incubator for student businesses. The Coleman Venture Lab offers places for venturing complete with wireless internet, white boards, conference rooms, receptionist, and expert advice on site.

CELEB is a commercial art gallery run entirely by students. Together with the studios (see below), Gallery ABBA celebrates Beloit’s initiative in the Art of Business and the Business of Art. ABBA offers visual art students opportunity to show, promote and sell fine arts and entry into the business side of the arts world.

CELEB is a communications, media, and technology Center.  Studio space includes a fully functioning audio recording studio, Maple Tree Studio. Maple Tree teaches skills of pro-tools software, recording, editing and mixing music and sound. Start your own label here.

CELEB is a cable access television station, BATV Media Lab (channel 992) an integral part of the technology center. Learn cameras, control, shoot your own videos and film, write scripts, or appear on-air.

CELEB is a lab for post production of video, film, and sound editing projects. Learn and practice skills of AVID software, pro-tools, assemble your own movies.

CELEB is a student run foundation.  The WISE Foundation is devoted to the pursuit of answers to problems and issues that relate to “What is Social Excellence?”  WISE does what all foundations do; it provides for study groups, panel discussions of public issues, the drafting of ‘white papers,’ the preparation of grant proposals, and, most important, the issuance of ‘requests for proposals’ that get others involved in pursuit of the foundation’s mission.  While students learn the foundations-business by running one themselves, they also visit real-world foundations executives to learn further about the industry and gain advice in conducting their own work.

Come to CELEB and turn your passions and dreams into self-designed careers.