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The college will test its emergency alert system on Wednesday (Sept. 2) at 12:30 p.m. As a part of the test, all faculty, staff, and students should receive an email, phone call, and text message at or around the common hour.

Classroom Partnerships

We welcome the opportunity to partner with you to provide excellent learning opportunities to students. 

We can visit the classroom to provide a general overview of our services and upcoming events (10-20 minutes).  We are also able to work with you to develop customized sessions for a class or department.  Below are some examples. 

  • Making career decisions (choosing a major or career)
  • Finding an internship
  • Job searches for seniors
  • Writing resumes and cover letters
  • Job outlook, labor market and salary information (by major or industry)
  • Preparing for job interviews and negotiating salary
  • The steps for applying to (and funding) graduate school
  • Connecting career planning with a specific curriculum
  • Bringing "real world" experience to historical or theoretical concepts. We have arranged for students in various classes to listen to guest speakers, tour a company, shadow someone on a job site, volunteer in the local community, and much more.

To discuss how these, or other topics or approaches could be incorporated into your class, please contact us.