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Arizona to win NCAA tournament, according to professor’s alternate ranking methodology

March 18, 2014

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Arizona is the best basketball team in the country, according to Beloit College Economics Professor Bob Elder. As the co-creator of an alternate ranking methodology for March Madness called Dominetrics, Elder gave a “Lunchbox Lecture” on Tuesday (March 18) discussing his picks and how they differ from those of the NCAA selection committee.

Whereas Dominetrics placed Arizona at No. 1, the selection committee ranked Florida as the country’s best team on Selection Sunday. Dominetrics ranked Florida second. According to Dominetrics, Wisconsin and Michigan rounded out the top four.

While the selection committee invited Xavier, Kansas State, Arizona State and Nebraska to the tournament, Elder said Dominetrics would not, ranking those teams at No. 51, No. 58, No. 74 and No. 80, respectively.

Conversely, Dominetrics would have invited Florida State, Illinois and San Francisco, though the selection committee excluded them. Elder’s ranking methodology put those teams at No. 39, No. 46 and No. 48, respectively.

Elder argues that the Dominetrics methodology he and a former colleague developed uses pure mathematics to achieve more objective results than the more subjective Ratings Percentage Index (RPI) that the NCAA selection committee uses.

Click here to watch the video of Elder's "Lunchbox Lecture." 

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