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Round Table seeks submissions, help in memorializing two Beloiters

January 23, 2014

From Round Table Features Editor Kelsey Rettke’15:

The Round Table would like to publish a compilation-type memorial feature for Justine Ringberg'13 and Raquel Nuñez'13, both of whom passed away last week in a tragic car crash in northern Wisconsin. The Round Table is reaching out to those who may have known these two women well, and/or may know others who knew them well.

The feature will compile a number of brief anecdotes about them, stories, moments that show their character, and memories you are willing to share.

Please accept the Round Table's sincere condolences to you all, some of whom may be feeling the loss more so than others. We offer up all of our thoughts to you all, and urge that if you do not feel like you are ready or willing to share any stories for the memorial feature, please know that that is understandable.

We know that the college would like to celebrate Justine and Raquel's life--and our hope is that the Round Table feature can be representational and emulative of the love the entire campus community had for them.

If any of you have photos of Justine and Raquel--or know of people who have them--the Round Table welcomes any and all you would be willing to share.

We would like to publish the feature in this upcoming Monday's issue (Jan. 27) so anyone interested should send all anecdotes by Saturday (Jan. 25) at the latest.

You may send your brief anecdotes, memories, and photos to either the features editor's email ( or to the Round Table email (