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How To: Submit a new student hire form to the payroll office

October 7, 2013

This form was created to expedite and simplify the student hire process for supervisors, payroll, financial aid, and, ultimately students. The new Submit Student Hire to Payroll form is found on the Employee tab of the Portal Completing this form whenever hiring a student--at the time of hire, before the student starts working--shows the supervisor instantly if that student is authorized to work on campus, i.e. has completed paperwork in payroll (this is required by law; must show us specific ID documents no later than three days after starting work) and has been awarded and accepted campus work for the semester in Financial Aid.  

  1. Students authorized to work on campus are listed in a drop down box on the first line of the form.
  2. If a student's name appears in the drop down box--the Students OK to Work list--that student may begin working as soon as the portal form is completed and submitted. No additional action or approval is needed.
  3. If a student’s name does not appear in the drop down box, the supervisor will know immediately that the student cannot work until further authorization is received from both the payroll and financial aid offices.
  4. The portal form has a text box that allows supervisors to type in the full name of any student not listed in the Students OK to Work drop down list. Entering a student's name and completing the rest of the form will automatically begin the authorization process by notifying both the payroll and financial aid offices of the wish to hire that student. Payroll and financial aid will each reply to the request with further instructions or approval within 24 hours.  
  5. The form also allows the supervisor to select from a drop down list of previously submitted and approved positions. Selecting a position title will automatically populate the corresponding G/L account number and rate of pay. This eliminates the need to search for the information on another form or web site and ensures that we are assigning positions in a consistent and accurate manner within departments and across campus. If a position is not listed, supervisors will know it is necessary to submit a new job description to payroll for approval.
  6. Finally, supervisors will indicate the student's anticipated start date, expected number of hours to be worked each week, and the name of the person responsible for approving time sheets. The completed form is then submitted and sent to both the payroll and financial aid offices for processing. Once all students are entered, supervisors can download a detailed list of their submissions to an Excel file, which can be used to create timesheet labels, schedules, rosters, etc.

“We love the fact that three offices can benefit from information entered into a single form,” says Payroll Coordinator Gail Pateros.