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McNair scholars to present research on Friday

July 22, 2013

They’ve been intensively and meticulously researching all summer, and now the time is near for the 2013 McNair Scholars to present their research in a symposium.

Starting at 8:30 a.m. Friday (July 26), the eight scholars below will present their findings in

Science Center Room 150, the Porter Brown Auditorium. For a full schedule of the symposium sessions, download the PDF at right; take a look at their topics below.

Dominique Bodoh’15

Mentor: Nancy Krusko

Project: “Suicide: In Relation To Demographics, Socioeconomic Status, and Economic Downturn In Rock County, WI”

Daniel Corral’15

Mentors: Kathy Greene and Tom Owenby

Project Title: “NCAA Division III Student-Athlete Engagement: Academic Performance And Co-Curricular Involvement”

Tamanisha John’15

Mentor: Beatrice McKenzie

Project Title: “How The Economy Influences Migration And Our Perceptions Of A ‘Raced’ Society”

Reine Lucas’15

Mentor: Kathy Greene

Project Title: “Tracking: Whom Does It Affect And How?”

Stephanie Mayo’15

Mentor: William New

Project Title: “The Contemporary Education Crisis In India: A Study On The Educational Gap Between Boys and Girls”

Rachel Monroe’15

Mentor: George Lisensky

Project Title: “Will This Work? The Reconstruction Of An Energy Harvesting Nanoparticle Enhanced Triboelectric Nanogenerator”

Yasmin Rodriguez’15

Mentor: Carol Wickersham

Project Title: “What’s At Stake With High Stakes Testing: The Superintendent’s Perspective”

Tatiana Rosario’15

Mentor: Donna Oliver

Project Title: “Pussy Riot, Putin, And Internet Memes: The Limits Of Soviet-Style Authoritarian Leadership In The Internet Age”

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