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Define a Beloiter, today

April 24, 2013

Beloiter on

The Office of Communications and Marketing is still seeking to understand what exactly it means to be a Beloiter—both the noun and the verb. Click here to see what some of your fellow Beloiters have said. (It includes everything from “The act of successfully swimming against the current” (v) to “Longboarder. Pianist. Novella writer. Stamp collector. Tea brewer. Sweeper. Pottery thrower. Biker. Chemist. Lip stick guru.” (n))

To that end, you’ll see C&M staff in Commons, D.K.’s, and Java Joint over the lunch hour today handing out notecards and asking you to write your definition of “Beloiter.”

In return for your expertise, we’ve got some new Beloit swag: The “Keep Calm and Beloiter On” stickers that just arrived on campus, and B patches.

See you at lunch!