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Advising Practicum is Friday, March 24. See the full schedule or use the Sched app to plan your day.

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Thursday’s visitors include international college counselor

April 17, 2013 at 10:38 pm

If you see any of the following prospectives and/or an international college counselor on campus tomorrow, feel free to give them a warm welcome (or lend your umbrella):

  • Steven Grunberg of Davie, Fla. 
  • Katelyn Hasken of Lanark, Ill.                               
  • Erik Randall of Chicago, Ill.
  • Charlee Koonce of Austin, Texas
  • Caleb Weintraub-Weissman of Huntington, N.Y.
  • Emily Shane of Duxbury, Mass.
  • Rachel Harris of Andover, Mass.
  • Christian Doles of Honolulu, Hawaii
  • College counselor Susan Renaud