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Beloiter, define thyself

March 11, 2013


The Office of Communications and Marketing is asking Beloiters to explain themselves.

In a card being distributed today and tomorrow via campus mail to all students, faculty, and staff, Beloiters are being asked to “Define Beloit.” Or, more specifically, Beloiters.

The large cards will ask members of the campus community to help define Beloiters, as both a noun and a verb. All entries returned to the office by the end of this month will be entered in a drawing for one of a dozen “B” drinking glasses or a Kindle Paperwhite e-reader (the top prize).


Why so interested in this sort of feedback? The push is a part of a larger positioning and branding study underway within the office. Communications and Marketing spent much of the fall pulling and studying existing and new research that helps define the college, its people, and its competitors. In this new phase, communications staff are conducting individual interviews and focus groups with students, faculty, staff, alumni and even the parents of current students.

This particular effort is expected to be instructive, but also fun.

“We’re asking our campus community, as well as everyone who receives the spring issue of Beloit College Magazine (which included an insert with the same request), to participate in this,” says Jason Hughes, director of communications at the college. “Not only will these responses help us speak truthfully about who we are, but it gives Beloiters an opportunity to be Beloitish when offering that feedback.”