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Eddie Moore to discuss race, power, privilege, and the n-word

January 22, 2013

According to Eddie Moore, the use of the n-word is as prevalent as ever, and it needs to be discussed.

That’s what he’ll be doing on Tuesday at 8 p.m., in Moore Lounge of Pearsons Hall, when he presents “Martin Luther King, Jr. and the N-word.”

“In light of the recent movie Django, national racial incidents, and negative responses to President Obama’s re-election, it's time for some courageous conversations about the past, present, and future impact of the n-word,” Moore says. “An event commemorating MLK is the perfect setting for the honest dialogue. What would MLK say about Django—and the n-word—today?”

A diversity educator and the founder and director of the White Privilege Conference, Moore explores the interplay of race, power, and privilege, and he hopes his work makes people examine their own relationship to the slur. “We will grapple with questions related to how, after all these years since the "I Have a Dream" speech by MLK, we can say there's been progress when that word is so ever-present in society today.”

Like all events during the Martin Luther King, Jr. week, Moore’s lecture is free and open to the public.