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This week in the C-Haus: pool/dart leagues, beach party

January 16, 2013


From C-Haus Manager Steve Olivieri:

Thursday (Jan. 17)
Come on in tonight to sign up for our spring pool and dart leagues, starting at 9 p.m. We’re also opening the floor, taking your suggestions, and gathering emails.

Friday (Jan. 18)
Leave your genres in your iTunes, these two monstrous Chicago groups can’t be pegged down. Starting at 10 p.m., Sidewalk Chalk opens up with a passionate confection of hip-hop, soul, and jazz. This crew aims to be heard by the world and inspire its inhabitants. They’re followed up by Mathien: rockers at the core with R&B, jazz, and hip-hop sensibilities stitched through their strings. This night won’t fade. It’ll rumble and spin and shake and shout its way out.

Saturday (Jan. 19)
We’re kicking off the semester with a fresh new party. Dress in beach attire, dress in drag, or if you’re willing to go all out – dress in drag beach attire. Hosted by Wild Boy, and featuring sets from DJ Stagger Lee, guest DJ Mikey Wally of L.A., and La Triz.