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Meet: Dan Perusich, an Illinois native who cheers on the Pack

December 12, 2012

Dan Perusich 2 

Name: Dan Perusich

Occupation: Director of summer programs.

Hometown: Brookfield, Ill.

You may have seen me: Walking my dog around campus every morning and evening.

What’s on your desert island jukebox? Pearl Jam, Ryan Adams, OAR, and Alice in Chains. 

Any do-over requests to lodge with the universe? Any do-overs may have thrown off the path which led me to Beloit and this position, so no way!    

Favorite meal? Any of the Polish food made by Chester's Deli in Chicago.

What can’t you live without? My wife. We are currently living apart for six weeks while she wraps up her job, and I'm realizing how awful life is without her by my side!

Any advice? There are no right choices in life; you make a choice and then it is up to you to make it the right one.

What do you do in your free time? Run, golf, fish, follow my Packers (yep—a lifelong fan from Illinois.  We do exist!), White Sox and Blackhawks, and travel to visit my in-laws in Wyoming.

If you could be reincarnated, what person/thing would you like to be? A camera. Having the sole purpose of capturing and commemorating the happiest moments of life sounds pretty enjoyable.

Who are your top-three fantasy dinner party guests? My brother, my sister, and my wife—my three best friends!

What gets you up in the morning? A cold nose...sometimes my dog's, sometimes my wife's.

Who are your heroes? My brother, a career marine whose life has been defined by war, yet still manages to be one of the most optimistic and positive people in my life.

Beatles or Stones? Turn up the Stones!!

What’s your favorite hidden gem here in the area? I'm fairly new to Beloit, but a little hidden gem from the area I grew up in is a pizza place called Freddie's in Cicero. Most people think Chicago and assume deep dish, but that's a North side thing. On the South and West side, it's thinner crust, very rich sauce, cut into squares, and Freddie's does it better than anyone!

Proudest moment? When my father, a man of stone emotions, broke down in tears of joy at my college graduation.  Sometimes we forget how much our parents and loved ones invest in us as we make our way through life and that was a reminder I carry with me each and every day.

If you were auditioning for American Idol, what song would you sing? “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

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