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Museum Mondays: Student-curated and traveling exhibits open this week

November 25, 2012


This Thursday the Wright Museum opens two new exhibits. One exemplifies the gallery as a component of a course offering, and the other is a contemporary twist on a traditional show.

Paint, Print, and Peeping: Picturing Realities and Realisms
In this class-based project, English 257: Studies in Literature students extend their study of American realism, naturalist fiction, and Ashcan art to engage with a more diverse collection of museum holdings. They examined topics such as objectivity and perspective, the dynamics of spectacle, and the documentation of social conditions.

Pictured are the students engaging the objects they have chosen, as well as the space, prior to installation. The show opens Thursday at 4 p.m. Come see the finished product, and ask a literature major what it’s like translating the written word into visual language.

MM 112612 4 

Looking Ahead: Portraits from the Mott-Warsh Collection
The first exhibit provided by the George S. Parker Exhibition fund brings a collection of traditional and conceptual portraits of the black face and head to the Hollensteiner Gallery. This traveling show includes works--some of which are pictured below--by contemporary artists like Chuck Close, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Romare Bearden. The Wright Museum encourages all students, faculty, and staff to view the show and then bring their thoughts, questions, or opinions to the closing panel discussion on Jan. 18, 2013.

MM 112612 3

MM 112612 2

MM 112612