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The Buc Report: Cross country coach looks forward to “satisfying season”

October 2, 2012

Fresh off last weekend’s Olde English Classic, Cross Country Head Coach Dave Eckburg talked to the Terrarium about how his team positively handled a recent setback, and why Beloiters should come to the upcoming Wisconsin Private School Championships.

David Eckburg 

Q: How has the cross country season been going so far?

A: The cross country season has been going well. We have a great group of hard-working, diverse, and unique individuals. We had a minor hiccup last month, as our charter bus broke down on our way to the (Wheaton College) meet, causing us to lose a day of competition. Our team handled the situation very well; they adapted to an impromptu workout situation with their confidence intact. If we can continue to improve and keep injuries at bay, we are going to have a very satisfying season.

Q: What are your team members like this year?

A: We have good leadership from the captains (Jason Busack, Matthew McKay, Betsy Wynn, and Geneva Schulz-Welo), and a large group of runners who are fully committed to life-long running. Our team is as diverse as the campus at large. Our roster has members from every region of the United States and one athlete from the Czech Republic.

Q: Do you have any standout runners?

A: We do not have any blue-chip athletes who comprise the top 3 percent of the conference, but we have a group of young athletes who are right at the cusp of entering the All-Conference tier. In cross country the spread between your first and seventh runners are extremely important, and our goal is to have one of the smallest gaps in the conference. We also have a very large group of athletes who will likely meet the Academic All-Conference criteria.

Q: What’s not to miss this season?

A: If you missed the Olde English race this past weekend, make sure you come to our home course at Leeson Park to watch us compete in the Wisconsin Private School Championships (on Saturday, Oct. 13 at 11 a.m.). Teams only get to host this meet about once a decade, and it is a great opportunity to see our athletes compete at our last tune-up before the Midwest Conference Championships.

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