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In the Stacks: Who is the most vile villain of all? Vote!

October 2, 2012

The library’s Greatest Literary Villains Tournament is officially underway! This semester, the staff at the library are hoping you help them choose literature’s most vile character.

Earlier in September, they accepted nominations from the campus community to help decide which villains should be included. Then, they selected 32 villains to compete in this head-to-head, single-elimination tournament.The resulting list is downright dastardly, with such characters as Count Dracula, Cthulhu, Nurse Ratched, Hannibal Lecter, and Voldemort all in the fray.

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Here’s how the tournament works:

  • The initial 32 villains were paired up via random drawing
  • To vote, come to the library and use the ballots by the tournament board to select the villains you want to see advance to the next round
  • Use whatever criteria you want to make your selections, including (but not limited to): most evil; most well-written character; most likely to win a back alley brawl
  • New rounds will begin every Monday (except Oct. 15) with votes accepted for one week (two weeks for the round beginning before fall break)
  • The Greatest Literary Villain as chosen by Beloit College will be announced on Monday, Nov. 5 

In the Stacks 100312 3

After you’ve cast your ballot, don’t forget to check out the selection of books and movies in which the villains appear located on the ballot box table. For updates on how the tournament is progressing, be sure to like the library on Facebook!

So don’t delay—pick literature’s greatest bad guy/gal/hideous monster by casting a ballot each week. May the worst villain win!