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Formerly 'External Affairs,' office clarifies focus with new name

July 26, 2012

Beloit College's Office of External Affairs is going by a new name: the Office of Development and Alumni Relations. The name change is meant to clarify the focus and work of the six-department division.

“The [new] name is far more informative to all constituencies regarding our office’s specific functions and responsibilities,” explains Jeff Puckett, the vice president for the division. “Depending on the institution, ‘external affairs’ can include everything from marketing and communications to government relations, athletics, and so on. Our office focuses on fundraising and alumni engagement, so development and alumni relations is a cleaner, more easily understood title not only for our donors, alumni, parents, and friends, but also for our internal community.”

Looking for the Office of Development and Alumni Relations? You can find the team members sprinkled across the three houses at the southern end of College Street (across from the Poetry Garden). You can also see their smiling faces (and titles) online.