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From H.R.: slight change in dental insurance rates

May 7, 2012

A recent review of the status and utilization of the health benefit plan shows that we have experienced another relatively stable year. Therefore, health and vision insurance plan rates will not change in June 2012.

Language changes and improvements to the health plan will be communicated later this summer; however, your deductibles, co-insurance percentages and out-of-pocket limits will also remain the same. There will be no changes to the vision plan. 

Effective in June, the dental insurance rates will increase slightly. The employee cost of single coverage will increase by approximately $1 per month. This increase is based on the trend of costs for dental care in general and the utilization of the plan by our participants. The college will continue to contribute approximately two-thirds of the premium, and your premiums will continue to be pre-tax deducted through the flexible spending plan, making the actual increase slightly less. There will be no changes to the coverage provided by the plan. 

For details of the rate changes, download the PDF document at right.

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