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Curtis: our four-legged Beloiter

March 10, 2017
By Sarah Tweedale

Leader Dog Curtis 

Many of you have already welcomed (or seen on social media, or glimpsed from a distance, or visited him at home or on a walk) our newest Beloiter, Curtis.

Curtis is a Future Leader Dog being raised over the next year by Sarah Tweedale, Sustained Dialogue coordinator. Curtis is a 13 week-old Black Lab with aspirations to be a Leader Doga guide dog that will be matched with a visually impaired client through the organization Leader Dogs for the Blind  in Rochester Hills, Mich.

As an aspiring service dog, Curtis is being trained and socialized very intentionally in a variety of environments, and everyone at Beloit College can be a part of that. Always ask Sarah before approaching Curtis or petting him, and please respect the answer if it is conditional (e.g. only when he is sitting, and ignore him if he gets up from a sit) or if it is "not right now."

Anytime Curtis is attending events on campus, Sarah will often ask to wait to give him attention until after the event, so your attention and affection can be a reward for his good behavior during the event.

You'll see Curtis and Sarah around campus increasingly over the next few weeks. He will always be wearing his bandanna when in campus buildings; this is his signifier that he is "working" and needs to be in a work mindset. Please make every effort to avoid giving him attention until you check with Sarah first.

You can follow Curtis' adventures and get updates on his training and the skills he is working on by following his Facebook page. Sarah also has "Curtis swag" that you can ask for when you see them out and about together. Fan mail is welcome to Box #171 and will receive replies! :)