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Explore what’s underneath the seams with Intimate Apparel this weekend

November 4, 2016
By Emmy Newman’17

Explore what’s underneath the seams this weekend

Britney Johnson’20 and Ellis Lewis’20 star in Intimate Apparel which opens this weekend.


The theater, dance, and media studies department opens its final play of the semester this weekend. Intimate Apparel, written by Lynn Nottage and directed by professor Amy Sarno, will run from Thursday, Nov.10 to Sunday, Nov. 12 and Thursday, Nov. 17 to Sunday, Nov. 19. All performances begin at 7:30 p.m. in the Neese Theatre.

 Set in 1905 in New York City, Intimate Apparel follows the life of Esther, a young black seamstress who sews lavish corsets for women all over the city, from the haughty white women to prostitutes. An independent woman supporting herself, Esther lives alone in a boarding house but appears to find a companion through the correspondence she takes up with a young man working on the Panama Canal. Strictly bound by the rules of society, Esther’s life begins to pull at the seams as she seeks unbiased love in a world that tries to hide her, much as her corsets are hidden beneath the trailing dresses of other women.

 In a social and material whirlwind, Intimate Apparel promises to whisk the audience away into a world of beaded applique and turn-of-the-century racism. The play stars Britney Johnson’20 opposite Ellis Lewis’20 and supported by Kerry Randazzo’20, Kyndall White’17, and Autumn Gant’19, as well as a performance by Debra Majeed, professor of religious studies. Don’t miss the chance to see Intimate Apparel as it explores what lies beneath the careful facades of society.