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SEAL September Standout award winners

October 14, 2016
By Jen Walsh

This month, the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL) started a new program to recognize students, staff, and faculty who go above and beyond to make Beloit College a better place. Here are the winners for September.

Group of the Month - Housekeeping Team for LAPC

The nominee said: "In the last few weeks, a new housekeeping team has come in and gone above and beyond the day-to-day cleaning expected from them. They have cleaned out the inside of our kitchen drawers,scrubbed off long-standing sticker residue from shelves, and paid attention to small details that can easily get overlooked. It is easy to notice when things are dirty, and easy to ignore the effort it takes to clean and maintain our buildings, but it's important to note the extra effort that this team is taking to improve the building."

Student Leader of the Month - Elizabeth Hitchcock’17

The nominee said: "Elizabeth is an integral part of this community and a leader on campus. As a Sustained Dialogue moderator, she works to create real change on this campus through encouraging mutual understanding and leading efforts such as textbook exchanges for low-income students. She is a mentor to many, working as an orientation leader and teaching assistant. She is always ready to offer guidance and academic support. As director of Academic Success in AST, she organizes study groups, connects students with resources on campus, and coordinates all-campus events like the Life Raft Debates that stimulate interdisciplinary academic dialogues. Her work as a queer activist and feminist has brought incredibly significant programming to this campus, and she has made Beloit College a better place for those with marginalized sexual orientations and gender identities. Elizabeth is an asset to faculty on this campus, conducting ethnographic research to benefit the economics department, assisting the modern languages department in WAC, and working closely with English and anthropology professors to complete insightful and applicable theses. Inclusivity is her passion, whether she's making Beloit College a more open and inviting place at events such as Family Fun Night, or working with judges in Alaska to make legal services accessible to non-English speakers. As she applies for law school, Elizabeth will leave Beloit College a better place and is sure to find success in whatever path she pursues. She is an outstanding student, a born leader, and a model citizen of the Beloit community."

Student Employee of the Month - Nick Westphal’18

The nominee said: "Nick has been a student employee at the library for three semesters. This fall, part of Nick's responsibilities has been brainstorming and producing library displays. The Constitution Day display was engaging and interactive. The banned book week posters are clever and insightful. Nick is a problem solver who is always up to the challenge and completes everything with a smile. His efforts are truly appreciated by library staff and patrons."

Staff/Faculty of the Month - Terry Owens, director of Sports Information

The nominee said: "Terry [streams all] the athletic events online, and produces all the sports write-ups. He comes three hours before games to make sure equipment is functioning. He will be juggling a football game, two soccer games, as well as the Olde English race along with all other athletic Homecoming festivities on Sept. 25. Without Terry, none of the athletes at this school would be able to compete or be recognized for their D3 achievements. As his student worker, I see his passion, yet feel he can be lost in the athletic department."

These recipients will receive a certificate of this accomplishment and will be publicly recognized throughout the month in the hallway leading to the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership in Pearsons Hall. Do you have nominations for the month of October? Please send them using this form. Nominees collected thus far will be considered for future months as well.