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Fall 2016 Luke Somers Memorial Off-Campus Photo Contest Winners

October 5, 2016
By Samantha Schonberger

Julia Ring- Luke Somers Photo Contest

First Place: Julia Ring

  • Title: Midnight on a Blue Mountain
  • Place: Coast Mountain Range, Yukon Territory, Canada
  • Program: Venture Grant
  • When: Summer 2016

Description: A lone, unnamed peak stands high above our campsite. The tarps contrast with the brown earth, and blue water. They are still in this photo, and don’t show the gale-force winds that blew through most of the evening in this picturesque alpine. Glacial snow melts into this lake, and the water is the coldest I have ever touched. Getting to this site took eight hours, with 50 pound backpacks, and required climbing a 4 km peak, and descending a 2 km near-vertical rockslide. This photo was taken at 11:24 pm, proving that the Yukon really is the land of the midnight sun.

Bonnie Wilson- Luke Somers Photo Contest

Second Place: Bonnie Willison

  • Title: Murmuration
  • Place: Rome, Italy
  • Program: University of Exeter, England
  • When: December 2015

Description: My friends and I were on a trip to Rome, when we randomly found ourselves in this place at sunset. The birds started coming in, and surprised and delighted us. They gave us a show that was better than any fireworks. Then we discovered that Rome hates the birds because they poop on everything every night. They employ people to walk around blaring hawk noises to try to scare them away, which was hilarious to see.

Josie Lindsey-Robbins-Luke Somers Photo Contest

Second Place: Josie Lindsey-Robbins

  • Title: Rocks Remember
  • Place: Koekohe Beach – Moeraki, New Zealand
  • Program: University of Otago, New Zealand
  • When: 2016

Description: Legend has it, the Moeraki Boulders are the remnants of gordes, kumaras and eel baskets that washed ashore after Arai-te-uru, a legendary Maori canoe, wrecked near Shag Point on her quest south for precious greenstone. The reef that extends seawards is the canoe's petrified hull, while close by, in the shape of a prominent rock, stands the petrified body of her commander. Strewn along the beach are the large, spherical boulders, which today draw thousands of visitors to the sea. In actuality, the boulders, which measure up to three feet in diameter, are concretions created by the cementation of the mudstone from over 60 million years ago. They have been exposed due to coastal erosion. I snapped this photo on a spontaneous stop at the beach just as the sun was rising over the Pacific Ocean.

Macy Tran- Luke Somers Photo Contest

Third Place: Macy Tran

  • Title: Home of the Tree-Climbing Lions
  • Place: Lake Manyara National Park, Northern Tanzania
  • Program: Venture Grant
  • When: Summer 2015

Description: In efforts towards team building at the secondary boarding school in Tanzania I was doing research at in the Summer of 2015, the staff at the school went on a two day trip to two different national parks in Tanzania. We took a road trip on a big bus, and drove through the parks on the bus. This photo was taken at the Lake Manyara National Park, where they explicitly advertised they were “home of the tree-climbing lions”. As we were on the bus, our tour guide told us that actually, it’s sometimes rare to seem a lion here. However, on that trip, we ran into several lions, close enough where we had to turn off the bus engine and stay completely still and quiet so that they may leave without disturbing us. This lion was leisurely napping in a tree, seeing as it had pretty much no other predators in the park. We were really lucky that day to see so many lions!

Samantha Abrams-Luke Somers photo contest

Facebook Favorite: Samantha Abrams

  • Title: Valparaíso al atardecer
  • Place: Cerro Artillería, Valparaíso, Chile
  • Program: ISEP Direct, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso
  • When: Spring 2016

Description: This photo was taken of a row of lovely colorful houses that always caught my eye every time I was near Cerro Artilleria in Valpo. The string of colors is very emblematic of the architecture and aesthetic of the city. The houses stacked about the shining streetlight that almost looks like the sun completes the picture. I was walking with friends exploring the city during the later part of my time there when I snapped this photo.