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IDST 225: A Class Snapshot

August 29, 2014

Doing the Right Thing Well: Experiments in Ethical and Effective Leadership
Instructor: Carol Wickersham

Iclass is in sessionn IDST225, students were put into three groups, then asked to divide themselves into two roles: those who could use their voices but not their hands, and those who could use their hands but not their voices.  Each group took turns picking three materials from a pool of potential materials and had about 15 minutes to create "the tallest free-standing structure."  The group pictured used newspaper, tape, and a box of paperclips to create their tower.


Afterwards, students were asked to reflect about who emerged as the leader(s) of the group, what assumptions were made about the rules and their resulting self-constraints, and what additional information the students wish they would have known beforehand.