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Academic Senate Elections

August 28, 2014

Want a hand in shaping the programs and policies of the college? A dozen students (three from each class year) are elected to serve as student representatives in the college’s Academic Senate, the body that governs the educational programs and standards of the college. Students will have the chance to serve on one of the Senate’s committees (see the PDF for details about these committees) and gain insight into governance of the college.

To nominate yourself to be on the ballot for student Academic Senators, click on the link below and fill in some basic information (name, class year, major, and reasons for wanting to be an Academic Senator). Nominations will be open until Tuesday, Sept. 2 at noon; elections will take place from Friday 9/5 until Monday 9/8 at midnight on B-link. Students will only be voting on representatives from their class year.  

Academic Senate Self-Nomination Form - self nomination form link.

From the Administrative Policy Manual:

"The Academic Senate shall carry major and direct responsibility for the educational program of the college. It shall exercise effective control over academic standards, and over all curricular matters, except for those matters specifically designated by the college Charter to be the function of the faculty. Major Academic Senate legislation is subject to the final jurisdiction of the board of trustees. The Senate shall maintain a close relationship to the admissions, business, public relations, and development functions of the college."


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