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How To: Hire student workers in upcoming weeks

August 22, 2014

Need to hire students this semester? Here’s what you need to know, and what you need to do to make that happen.

First, any student who has been offered work (whether that’s federal work study or campus employment) as part of a financial aid award are listed on the "Students Ok to Work" list in the Portal, as they have been in the past. New students will be issued an orange Employment Authorization Card immediately upon completion of their required Payroll documents, and their names should be on the “Students Ok to Work” list soon thereafter.

During the first three weeks of classes (through Sept. 12) offices and departments may only hire students who have been offered work as a part of their financial aid. This privileges those with the apparent need to work, especially new students who are still navigating campus for the first time. Once the first three weeks of class have passed, you are welcome to hire any student who has completed the required payroll paperwork (and will at that point show up on the “Students Approved to Work” list), regardless of their financial status. This should significantly reduce the need to submit "special skills" requests.

If you have available student positions, email them as soon as possible to for posting on the Student Employment Website. The sooner openings are posted, the better the chance of securing those great students who will serve you well for multiple semesters, minimizing turnover. While posting them isn't required, that is where students will be looking and it will be far more efficient than word-of-mouth advertising.

Additionally, the Supervisor Toolbox is a great resource and will be updated over the coming weeks. Please refer to it if you have questions; you may also contact Payroll or Financial Aid if you can't find your answer online.