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Beloit alumni reminisce about New Student Days

August 15, 2014

With new students arriving today, Beloit College asked alumni on Facebook to share their best memories of New Student Days.

While The Wall was the overwhelming favorite memory, we got a plethora of enthusiastic responses. Here’s a sampling:

• Amanda Sanders Ryan: Meeting my adviser for the first time, (Biology Professor) Ken Yasukawa!

• Thizzly Adams: Meeting my first girlfriend of college, hanging out in Peet 4th lounge.

• Rachel Yew: Watching the American students pull up in U-Haul trucks and the international students with two pieces of luggage carrying their worldly possessions.

• Rattana Phon: Meeting my roommate as we were trying to look for a restroom for my grandma.

• Ann L. Savagian: Making new friends and discovering that my room had a “balcony” (4th floor Emerson)!

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