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College implements new radon management plan

August 8, 2014

This fall semester marks the introduction of a plan focusing on indoor air quality designed to keep all members of the college community informed and safe.

The discovery of elevated radon gas levels in Middle College on March 14, 2014, led to the relocation of staff and students and prompted an examination of air quality policy. A committee of staff, faculty, and students established a schedule for testing by environmental professionals and consulted staff at the University of Kentucky, a leader in improving public awareness of radon while using cost-effective measures to diminish levels of radon when present.

With their help, Beloit College facilities staff made necessary modifications to the basement of Middle College and re-opened the space after a second round of tests showed it to be safe. All tested areas have been within the limits considered acceptable by OSHA and the EPA for a 40-hour workweek.

The college is in the process of training a facilities staff member as a certified radon professional to conduct tests on campus.  A testing canister in any location does not mean that the occupants are at risk, so don’t be alarmed!  We also ask that you not disturb the canisters if you find them.

More information can be found here by selecting Radon Information.