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Bill Behling Prize-winner receives plaque, remembers his pal (pic)

June 21, 2014

Dean of Students Christina Klawitter officially presented Mail Center Manager Jim Hass with his Bill Behling Award on Friday afternoon.

Jim Hass Bill Behling prize 

The long-time Beloit employee said he was moved to tears when he read the messages students wrote for him on a banner announcing his receipt of the 2014 Bill Behling Award.

“It’s an honor just to have my name mentioned with Bill’s,” Hass said. “It really is. I know what Bill was like--if people can relate to me like they relate to Bill, them I’m doing my job right. I loved Bill.”

Bill Behling directed Beloit’s campus food services for more than 20 years, overseeing operations in Commons, D.K.’s Snack Bar, the Java Joint, and the C-Haus, and catering events and summer conferences.  “The Food Dude,” an endearing title bestowed upon Bill by the students, went beyond the call of duty by spreading his good humor and good will to the campus community.  

Bill was once quoted as saying, “Our philosophy here is that we serve a little bit of food and a whole lot of relationships,” and it is in that spirit in which the Bill Behling Prize shall be awarded. Employees are nominated for the prize by students and co-workers; one of Hass’s co-workers referred to him as “the friendliest and most loving employee on campus.”