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Dirt Alert: the scope, time frame of current campus renovations

June 21, 2014

While campus is (somewhat!) less busy for the summer, a number of buildings have renovation and construction projects underway, or about to start. Below are some of the details and projected time frames for these various projects, taking place in the Bunge Theatre, Eaton Chapel, WAC, Morse Library, and Middle College.

Questions? Concerns? Get in touch with LeeAnn Ryan at ext. 2733.

Bunge Theatre: work through July 7

  • A/V booth construction                                               
  • Electrical work                                                  
  • Painting                                                                               
  • A/V installation                

Eaton Chapel roof replacement: work through August 1

With this project, contractors will remove the existing roofing materials, make any needed structural or sheeting repairs and install new Vermont Blue slate on the bell tower, the west radius roof, east entry roof and new Vermont Blue Tamko metal shingles on the main structure.

Library Lower Level East Side: starting Monday (June 23) through July 11

  • Remove and replace drywall
  • Paint walls
  • Remove carpeting and install vinyl tile flooring

Middle College

As part of the college's Radon Mitigation Plan, Physical Plant will be working with a concrete provider to fill in the open trench with concrete that runs around the perimeter of the lower level of Middle College.

Starting this week, carpet will be replaced in three of the rooms that will be most affected by this work.

World Affairs Center:

Mid-May through Mid June:

  • Replace sinks and vanities
  • Replace toilet partitions
  • Paint ceiling
  • Paint walls
  • Remove hygiene dispenser - women's
  • Paint wall tile - women's
  • Address ventilation issues
  • Address hot water issues

Hallways and stairs: June

  • Remove and replace flooring
  • Remove and replace base boards
  • Paint ceiling
  • Paint walls and trim

Classrooms: mid-May through the end of July

  • Remove and replace carpet flooring
  • Install A/V podiums and new equipment per ISR scope
  • Add light switching to turn off lights when projecting in the room
  • Add electrical outlets where needed
  • Skim coat walls
  • Paint walls and trim