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A salute to student workers; plus, their summer reading recs

May 8, 2014

The library and archives employs around 40 students each semester. They run the circulation desk, take care of course reserves, answer questions at the reference desk, get your favorite newspapers, magazines and journals on the shelf, process new books and gifts, re-shelve books, help with material in archives, send and receive interlibrary loan requests, deal with the mail, handle our government documents, prepare journals and books for bindery, create items for the digital collection, and keep the printers printing.

“Needless to say, we can’t function without them,” says Cindy Cooley, an interlibrary loan librarian here at Beloit.

Library students 

With each graduating class, we ask the senior library workers to select an item to leave in our collection. To honor them, a special bookplate with their name is included inside the front cover of the book. This May the library will graduate 11 students. Their selections are currently on display at the library.

Here are their picks:

Jaya Alexander, Environmental Geology
Sacred Scars
(A resurrection of magic)
- Kathleen Duey

Phoebe Sherman, Anthropology
Me: Stories of My Life
- Katherine Hepburn

Lucy Lehman, Environmental Geology
Mortal Lessons: Notes on the Art of Surgery
- Richard Selzer (Lucy’s grandfather)

Alyssa Tracy
Do Muslim Women Need Saving?
- Lila Abu-Lughod

Alyssa Gratkowski, Media Studies
Requiem for a Dream
- Hubert Selby Jr.

Steffany Streb, Education and Youth Studies
- Walt Disney Studios

Ariana Espinoza, Spanish and Studio Art
Twilight Forever: the complete saga
- Lionsgate Entertainment

Olivia Randi, Health and Society
- David Quammen

Jack Dragu, Literary Studies
Inventor of Love and Other Writings
- Gherasim Luca

Elizabeth Levy, Computer Science
- Mira Grant

Samantha Spellman, Creative Writing
Jurassic Park
- Universal Studios

Each year the library hosts a pizza party for our seniors. Megan Fitch shared the accomplishments at the library over the last four years, all thanks to our student workers. The highlights are:

Items Circulated                                  144,791

Reserves Processed                           4,355

Items Added                                        15,781

Government Documents Added          7,600

Archives Visits                                           7,062

Digital Collection Items Added             8,498

Interlibrary Loans                                32,222

Building Visitors                                  682,484

The job our student workers do at the library is priceless. It would take more than four full-time employees to replace them! We salute all the library student workers for their work.

To our graduating seniors, we will miss you and your hard work. We know you will do great things in the world because you made a big difference at Beloit College library!