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Doing a double take? Doppelgängers of Beloit (pics)

May 6, 2014

Ever notice a student on campus that you swore graduated three years ago, but then realize it’s a first-year who could be that past Beloiter’s identical twin?

A group of RAs decided to create a little project around this phenomenon, on historical doppelgangers of current Beloiters. Alexandra Hinck, Josh Smith, Alyse Gowgiel, and Sarah-Jane Cikara thought it would bring some fun and pride to campus by highlighting some student and alums from the present and past.  

“I thought that a lot of Beloit pride comes through our history, which is how we connected the two and thought of the idea,” Hinck says. “We simply looked through a lot of the different yearbooks that Fred [Burwell, the college’s archivist] had in the archives and spent hours just looking people up.  It was a lot of fun to see all of the similar faces of today with the past.”

Below, a selection of some of the Beloit dopplegangers the group discovered--have any to contribute? Email them to us ( and we’ll publish them!

Claire Kern’14

Doppelganger Kern

Doppelganger Steuerle 

Major: History

Fun Fact: After graduation, my plans are to get a bartending license, a nursing license, become fluent in Spanish, and learn how to box and lift heavy weights and hopefully travel the world, especially in Latin America.

Doppelganger: Margaret Steuerle, who was in the 1951 yearbook

Miro Frankzerda’14

Doppelganger Frankzerda

Doppelganger Bourgin 

Major: Biopsychology

Fun Fact: I grew up on a farm.

Doppelganger: Gordon Bourgin, who is in the 1951 yearbook

Collin Sprenkle’16

Doppelganger Sprenkle

Doppelganger Lois Clark 

Major: Literary Studies

Fun Fact: I hope to spend the rest of my life researching and writing about birds.

Doppelganger: Lois Clark, who is in the 1951 yearbook

Kris Robbins’14

Doppelganger Robbins

Doppelganger Bertholomey 

Major: Psychology and Interdisciplinary Studies

Fun Fact: Over winter break, a monkey stole my lunch and ran me off a beach.

Doppelganger: Amy Bertholomey’93