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Poster presentation: Beloiters research everything from food allergies to memory

April 27, 2014

On Friday, students from the Human Anatomy & Physiology biology class presented the findings of their semester’s research. See their topics--and photos from the poster session--below.

bio poster 2 

Birth Order is Correlated to Food Allergies
Catherine Cochran, Meghan Walsh, and Kelsi Brooks

bio poster 4 

Simple Mathematical Model Predicts Decreased Stress in Achilles Tendon During Barefoot Running
Josh Litofsky

Type of Milk Consumed Before Puberty Does Not Affect Age of Menarche
Mackenzie Driscoll, Aurora Peck, and Lucile Tepsa

Salivary α-amylase Activity Increases with Sleep Deprivation
Megan Young and Jason Saba

Greater Heart Rate and Systolic Blood Pressure during Continuous Exercise than during Interval Exercise
Leah Kruckman, Tara Grode, and Emily Dorjath

Human Thermoregulation Does Not Have A Significant Effect on The Diving Reflex
Jacy Pieper and Donnia Robins

Performance Anxiety? Zebrafish Take Longer to Solve Simple Maze when Treated with Caffeine
Christopher Sebas and Li Wan

bio poster 1 

Short-term Memory is Improved Following Aerobic Exercise
Anna M. Freyfogle and Lexi M. Sughroue

bio poster 3 

General Body Fatigue Decreases Functional Throwing Accuracy
Matt Olson, Joseph Poshepny, and Seth Sanderson