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Who won the Beloit College recycling competition?

April 23, 2014

After a ruthless night of judging for the recycling competition, the tie for the top spot has been broken! We’re pleased to announce the best recycling residence on campus is…(drumroll)

SAGA house! They were the only residence to maintain the 100 percent score throughout the two-week competition.

  • Close behind in second place was Alpha Sigma Tau House, with 96 percent.
  • Maurer Hall, third floor,  managed 95 percent for third place.
  • A most-improved shout out goes to Geology House for an impressive improvement from last week's dismal 55 percent to a 90 percent score at the end of this week, rounding out to a final score of 76 percent.

The top three residences will be awarded cash towards a sustainable prize of their choosing ($200, $100, and $50, respectively):  locally sourced dinner, new lightbulbs, or other creative options.

Keep on recycling! Learn what is recyclable here in Beloit because it could be different from your hometown or state.