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Who’s in the lead for Beloit’s recycling competition?

April 17, 2014

We are halfway through the first-ever recycling competition on the residential side of campus. Student judges have walked through 64 dorm floors and houses, looking for trash in recycling bins, and recyclables in trash bins. Check out the chart below to see who’s leaving the competition in the dust in round one.

“So far we have some great leaders! We also have some laggards,” says Beloit College Sustainability Coordinator Lindsay Chapman.

There's still one more judging session to determine the winning floor or house so pay attention to those recycling signs, and your floor or house could win $200 towards a sustainable prize of your choosing. (According to Chapman, this could be anything from a locally sourced dinner from Bushel & Peck’s to purchasing CFLs for lighting fixtures, purchasing a lo-flo toilet, or making a charitable donation to a non-profit.)

Recycling results 1