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Tuition Runs Out Day, part five: Gifts of any size matter

April 8, 2014

Did you know? $5, $20, $50 makes a difference. That cup of coffee can help fund the Beloit Undergraduate Research Journal. A pair of jeans can be a tank of gas in the LAPC-mobile! You really can make a difference.

Gifts of any size matter. You may be tired of hearing about this by now, but a gift of $5, $20, $50 really does make a difference. Think of it this way: The LAPC-mobile is available to provide transportation for Beloiters to and from internships and other exciting opportunities. Without it, many would have a difficult time taking advantage of opportunities. But, without gas, the LAPC-mobile is, well, a parking lot decoration. Your gift of $40 can buy a Beloiter an amazing learning experience. Or, take the Beloit Undergraduate Research Journal. A pooling of several smaller gifts is making it possible to publish and distribute the journal.

What about textbooks? They can be expensive, right? The class of 2012 set up a fund its senior year to help students purchase textbooks—obviously a must for the classroom. And, the class of 2013 pooled its senior gifts to create a scholarship fund. Both classes can go back each year and make a gift, again, of any size, to those funds and impact the next generation of Beloiters.

Now and when you graduate, funds may be tight. We understand! But, don’t let that stop you from paying it forward. Next time you grab a cup of Starbucks or pick up a new pair of jeans, consider putting those dollars toward the future of Beloit and Beloiters.

BTYB Tuition Runs Out Day Committee