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Who is Vandana Shiva? Documentary focuses on current Weissberg Chair

March 27, 2014

You might have seen the name around campus: Vandana Shiva. Who is she? For starters, she’s Beloit’s 2013-14 Weissberg Chair in International Studies, and she’ll be on campus next week, visiting classes and giving a keynote address: “The Right to Food: Women, Development, and the Global Economy.”

Who is Vandana Shiva? Documentary focuses on current Weissberg Chair 

She’s also an author, founder of Navdanya (an Indian women’s movement to protect native seeds), and, according to Director of International Education Betsy Brewer, very much an activist.

“She’s very much against big agriculture, and she supports empowering the poor and marginalized,” Brewer says. “She’s also controversial, because the U.S. is a nation built on the notion that using technology for progress is good,” whereas Shiva’s movement seeks to preserve the integrity, for example, of native seeds, and protect natural resources.

Want to learn more? Shiva is also the subject of a documentary, Bullsh*t, which will screen Friday at 7 p.m. in Science Center 150. The film focuses on Shiva's work to protect indigenous knowledge in the wake of globalization, her battle against Monsanto, and a confrontation with Barun Mitra of the Liberty Institute, which gave Shiva the “Bullsh*t Award For Sustaining Poverty.”

Check back with the Terrarium tomorrow for a full listing of Weissberg week events.