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A capella group making a mark on campus, YouTube (videos)

March 25, 2014
By Karen Bauer'16

Though it’s relatively new, a new student-run a capella group, Bits and Pieces, has taken campus by storm. Created last semester by Lydia Zimmerman’17, the 11-member group has already had its own show in Java Joint, created a holiday video for the college YouTube channel, and received more than 4,000 views on a video that a member of their group put on YouTube.

The idea for the group began when Dayton Bennett’17 posted a notice on the Beloit College class of 2017 Facebook page about starting an a capella group. Zimmerman, an active member of her choir department in high school, was passionate about this idea, too, and they began collaborating. Soon after, the group was formed. Through time, Bits and Pieces has grown in many ways, with some members leaving and new ones joining. “Since we are new, we are trying to establish ourselves as a prevalent group on campus,” Zimmerman says.

When it comes to picking songs to perform, the group chooses according to what is popular or what lends itself nicely to their voices. Some of their songs include “Two Princes” by the Spin Doctors, “And So it Goes” by Billy Joel, Royals/Price Tag mashup, and “Rhythm of Love” by The Plain White Tees.

As this semester continues, the group aims to create a music video for the school, rewriting the lyrics to a popular song. They also want to have another show at Java Joint, along with a couple of other events for the college. Zimmerman also hopes that the group will continue to thrive even when members graduate or study abroad. “ Everyone in the group possesses a very strong leadership role,” she says. “For example, every time a person arranges a song, they must lead the group practice that day since they know the arrangement the best. I have no doubt that this group will continue to be successful in the future.”

Auditions for Bits and Pieces are held at the beginning of every semester; you can see their latest performance below, in which the group performs a rendition of a song from the movie Frozen before a recent on-campus screening.