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“Mixed Mamas:” Two-person show explores race, class, gender, sexuality

March 24, 2014

Sage Morgan-Hubbard and alumna Stacy Rene Erenberg’05 present a two-woman show that explores how race, class, gender, and sexuality have and continues to intersect and inform their lives as black and Jewish multi-racial mamas, tonight at 7 p.m. in the Java Joint.

According to the performers:

“Mixed Mamas Remix Vol. 2 is a multimedia performance art and storytelling experience that explores the intersections between race, class, gender, and sexuality. Mixed Mamas is an episodic performance piece made up of short, humorous, and touching autobiographical narratives of two black, Jewish, thick-bodied, young, political women as they grow and develop into themselves.

This is a compilation of stories, songs, and poems themed around childhood, middle school, high school, college and adulthood. Within each of these age groups are topical pieces exploring issues such as the use of the "n" word, the "b" word, the "fat" word, discovering a healthy relationship with our hair, our booties, our bodies, and ourselves. From rants on racism to the complexities of internalized oppression and privilege to the stories of how our parents met, this piece explores the insides and out, of our multi-racial experience. It highlights the moments that we are proud, questioning, and ashamed of our identities and the stages of development we have gone through.”