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Meet: Roxanna Ivonne Sanchez-Avila’15, who can’t live without her cameras

March 19, 2014

Roxanna and other Beloiters will take part in an Intersections panel discussion tonight  (March 19) at 7 p.m. in Richardson Auditorium.

Name: Roxanna Ivonne Sanchez-Avila’15
Los Angeles, Calif.
Studio art and women and gender studies.

Roxana 2 

What brought me to Beloit: Many things brought me to Beloit but mostly the greater opportunities I saw on campus; it was, and still is, an adventure; and most importantly, I am doing this for my family whom I cherish greatly.

My favorite class so far, and why you should take it: I have a few but my top favorite is Alternative Processes Photography. Sadly, the professor that taught it left, but if it were to be offered ever again, you should take it because it is the coolest class ever. Not only did I learn about different ways to print photographs, but I was also pushed to critically think about the relationship of the print style and the subject matter.

You may have seen me: Advertising/selling Valentine Grams at Commons back in February for the Interested Ladies of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc., hiding behind a camera when it's nice and warm out, or at last semester’s Wright Museum's Student Juror's Award (my self-portrait won the Juror's Award).

The best book I’ve read at Beloit: Feminism Is for Everybody: Passionate Politics by bell hooks.

What you can expect from Wednesday's Intersections panel: I am really looking forward to listening to other peoples' stories.  I have learned to appreciate oral history/storytelling because it is something I value as a photographer, especially in the immigrant community due to the different perspectives and experiences we all live. Immigrants’ stories are not all the same and one individual does not speak for an entire community, so I am really excited about this event.

What are you working on? I am currently working on some photo projects with students for the remainder of March, and in April. I am really looking forward to these projects because I am working with some fabulous students on campus.

Favorite meal? My favorite meal is a Honduran dish called baleadas. I could probably eat them for the rest of my life. They are so good.

What can’t you live without? I can't live without my cameras. They are my best friends who allow me to express myself in whatever form I need to.

Who are your top-three fantasy dinner party guests? Jimi Hendrix, Che Guevara, and Annie Leibovitz.

Who are your heroes? My mamá, my two older sisters, and the wonderful female food service workers and housekeepers I have had the privilege to meet here on campus and have conversations with.

What are you most looking forward to? I am looking forward to my senior year because I will start working on my senior art show, and I will be working with Professor George Williams because of his background in artwork that deals with identity.