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Capstone class reimagines practicum as Connecting Beloit: An Advising Practicum

March 5, 2014

“A new version of the same event.” That’s how Sarah-Jane Cikara’14 and other members of the Translating the Liberal Arts: A Senior Capstone for Transitioning into Life After Beloit class are describing the reimagined Advising Practicum, now called Connecting Beloit: An Advising Practicum.

“What's an advising day supposed to be about? Connecting. Connecting to campus, advisors, students, opportunities, alumni, faculty, and staff members,” Cikara says.

Members of the Translating the Liberal Arts class, co-taught by Jessica Fox-Wilson of LAPC and Natalie Gummer, associate professor of religious studies, broke into teams focused on programming, marketing, research, and assessment.

“A lot of our readings for the class focus on the liberal arts and higher education,” Cikara says. “Reading these articles and discussing the importance and relevance of the liberal arts has proved extremely important in creating this event because we understand that there is a larger context to why this day matters.

Besides the new name, members of the class say that Beloiters should expect more student-led sessions and a simpler, somewhat pared-down schedule.

“The new schedule is more simplistic than years before and has a higher percentage of student- run, all-campus workshops, which we hope will help increase attendance,” says Rachel Bond’14. “There are going to be an all-campus speaker near the beginning of the day and a raffle for students who attend different sessions. We will also be having two different "Back in My Day" panels held in the late afternoon, one led by faculty and the other by senior students.”

Connecting Beloit: An Advising Practicum is taking place on Wednesday, March 26; in upcoming weeks, look for links to the all-campus and departmental schedules online.

“Overall, we hope these new features bring more innovation and collaboration to the campus community and help facilitate students’ movement from college life to the real world,” Bond says.