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Art exhibitions for everyone: two students determined to make it happen

February 28, 2014

Art can be subjective, and trying to get your work displayed can be an intimidating task, regardless of your skill level. Now, two attendants at the Wright Museum of Art are trying to make it as easy as possible for all Beloit students to get their work on display.

“The point of this project is that anyone should be able to have their work displayed regardless of skill level, experience, or the people they know,” says Jonah Stoller’15, a psychology major.

Having your work accessible is an unparalleled feeling, says Peter Nattinger’15, himself a studio art major. It’s one he wants other Beloiters to experience.

“This year at the Annual Juried Student Art show was the first time I've ever had any of my work displayed for public view, and it felt great,” he says. “I wanted to give other students like me who have never had their work displayed in a real museum the chance to do so.”

It doesn’t matter whether or not a student considers his- or herself an extraordinary artist—the point is the sense of community and exposure, the organizers explain. They’re hoping to feature two students’ work at a time, for two weeks.

“Submissions will be considered on a first come, first serve basis, meaning that no qualitative assessment of the artwork will be made,” Stoller says. “What this means is that ANY Beloit student who gets in contact with Peter or me will be given the opportunity to display their original work in a museum.”

The two feel that this could have a dual purpose: increase student traffic to the Wright Museum, which they consider “an underappreciated gem on campus,” and give a boost to the campus art scene, much in the same way open mikes foster a sense of community for the musicians on campus.

“We are looking for all kinds of artwork, in any medium,” Nattinger says.

Adds Stoller, “Our only requirement is that the pieces are not offensive for the sake of being offensive. Otherwise, anything is fair game, and we encourage any student who is interested to contact us about getting a display slot, regardless of their level of experience.”

Artists will be required to sign a release form when they deliver their work.  

To submit work:

  • You must be a Beloit College student
  • Email Peter Nattinger’15 ( or Jonah Stoller’15 ( with the following information:
  • Name, class year, number of pieces (1-4, depending on size), their respective titles, mediums, dates of creation, and your phone number.