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Have a great prof? Nominate them for the Underkofler Award

February 21, 2014


Click here to access the nomination form.

The Underkofler Award was established in 1991 to honor, among others, Beloit College faculty members who are outstanding teachers. Each year, a member of the faculty is chosen to receive the award. The faculty member who is selected will be honored at a special ceremony and receive a cash prize. Because the award recognizes excellence in the classroom, the process starts with nominations by students.

It is very important that a wide group of students be involved. Please think carefully about who among our excellent faculty you wish to honor; to be eligible, a faculty member must have taught at Beloit College for at least three years, and not have won the award during the last five years. The form contains a list of eligible faculty. Note that Natalie Gummer and Lisa Anderson-Levy are not eligible this year because they are recent winners.

To make a nomination, select the name of one of the eligible faculty in the form, and provide a brief statement explaining your nominee’s special qualifications for the award. Your nomination should be submitted online by next Monday (March 3) at noon.