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Faces of Beloiters: online project aims to showcase the people of Beloit

February 17, 2014

By Karen Bauer’16

While the Facebook pages Humans of New York and Portraits of Boston are well-known around the internet, a new page has recently been making a mark closer to home. Faces of Beloiters was launched Jan. 29 by one of our own students, to showcase the people of Beloit College’s student body, faculty, and staff. While this page is still fairly new, its audience increases everyday, already achieving nearly 300 likes.

The idea for this page began when its creator (who would like to remain anonymous-we’ll call her Susie) noticed her friends were sharing pictures of Humans of New York and Portraits of Boston on Facebook. The HONY and Portraits of Boston projects are both aimed at creatively capturing images and quotes of the different inhabitants from their respective cities. Having felt like she was missing out on activities in her hometown--Boston--seeing these portraits made Susie feel connected again. That feeling sparked an idea in this Beloiter, who decided to take action and start a similar project here on campus.

Susie began photographing people she knew or was comfortable approaching, yet as the project continues, she has become braver in introducing herself and her project to Beloiters she has never met. She still hopes, however, that she will become even more confident when reaching out to new people. Susie remarks, “I especially want to photograph seniors because I want their legacies to live on, even after they have left Beloit.”

Just as she hopes to remain anonymous, she also aims to use descriptions, and not names, for the people she captures. She believes this deeper information is more important and valuable than a name.

According to Susie, “a description of a person provides an opportunity to skip the polite, yet mundane introductions, and to jump into getting to know the person further. It also draws awareness to the rest of the community about the multifacetedness of Beloiters.”

As a first-year, she hopes to be able to continue this project as long as she can, and to pass the torch when she graduates so it continues after she leaves campus. She appreciates the people who are willing to be photographed and quoted, and intends to involve other photographers as contributors to this project in the future.

If you’re interested in helping out with this project, send a message to Faces of Beloiters via Facebook. If you enjoy learning about different Beloiters everyday, go and like the page to show support for Susie and her project, and get regular updates from the page in your newsfeed.