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Beloit International Film Festival underway

February 14, 2014

Movie buffs, get your popcorn--the Beloit International Film Festival begins today.

 (Want to see a full schedule for this annual event? Click here.)

Beloit College will also be the site for several BIFF events. The Hendricks Center for the Arts will be a venue for film screenings, and BIFF Honorary Chair Mark Wood, the foremost director and producer of films for the deaf, will be speaking on campus on Wednesday, (Feb. 19) at 8 p.m. in the Fireplace Lounge of Morse-Ingersoll Hall, following a showing of his new film, In the Can, at Domenico’s.

Beloit students, faculty, and staff will also perform music as part of BIFF+Music, the music festival extension of BIFF that will bring 24 bands to downtown Beloit venues next weekend, and 10 Beloit College students have worked on the festival as interns--many of whom have been profiled in the Terrarium over the last week. This year’s group of students is “extraordinary,” according to intern coordinator and BIFF creative director Kristin Peterson. “With our expansion to 10 days we have needed assistance, and interns from the college are involved in every aspect of planning and execution," she said.