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Board of Trustees approve tenure decisions for eight faculty members

February 10, 2014

At its winter meeting, Beloit's Board of Trustees convened (at nearly full strength) to discuss the college's 2013-14 and 2014-15 budgets, as well as hear about the distinctiveness of, and details informing, the college's Liberal Arts in Practice focus. On the latter topic, the board wrapped up the meeting by asking President Bierman and the college's senior staff to prepare for its review in April proposals for a process leading toward an action plan for more strongly aligning the college's overall operations with the LAP's developmental model.

In addition to the topics above, the college's board also spent this winter meeting reviewing divisional reports and, among other things, approving tenure decisions brought forward by Provost Davies. The newly tenured faculty are:

  • Lisa Anderson-Levy
  • Daniel Barolsky
  • Kristin Bonnie
  • Rachel Ellett
  • Jennifer Esperanza
  • Jingjing Lou
  • Amy Tibbitts
  • Robin Zebrowski

The board also approved sabbatical and leaves for a number of faculty. See Tuesday’s Terrarium for more details.