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Novelist writing about ‘revenge porn’ is on campus Friday

February 5, 2014

Author Ruthie Knox, a.k.a Robin York, is visiting Beloit College Friday (Feb. 7) to read from her new adult novel Deeper; she’ll also be signing copies of the book, (available at Turtle Creek Bookstore)and participating in a Q & A. Deeper is about a student at a small liberal arts college who becomes a victim of revenge porn, a subject that’s been the topic of much media discussion in recent months. The event will take place Friday at 4 p.m. in Moore Lounge of Pearsons.

“I read a couple of articles about revenge porn, and it wasn't so much the content of the articles that struck me as it was the comments on the articles, which some of them were supportive, but so many of them were just viciously victim-blaming," York recently said in an interview with MTV News. "I wanted to write about a character who was struggling with something that really attacked her selfhood and her sense of self-worth. This just seemed like a way to get at that, but also gave me an outlet for all my anger about these comments — the prevalent attitude that revenge porn is really the victim's fault.”

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