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Submit your campus sustainability idea for funding

February 4, 2014

Founded--by students--in 2007, the Beloit College Revolving Loan Fund was started to fund campus sustainability projects identified by students, faculty, or staff that save money and improve the environment. BCRLF funded projects repay the loan with interest from the savings generated by the project, thus growing assets available for future loans. Examples of projects funded by this group are the new windows on Campbell Hall (an $85,000 undertaking), as well as the insulation of the Human Resources building and Spanish House.

Now, the Beloit College Revolving Loan Fund is seeking your input on how to improve sustainability on campus. If you have a problem that you would like to see addressed, or ideas you would like to see implemented, fill out this form.

BCRLF is currently looking into funding more special-interest house insulation, but is open to anything sustainability-related. The group pays particular attention to economic viability (whether the savings are worth the investment), environmental benefit, sustainability, and the on-campus focus potential of the idea or project. Once an idea is submitted, those in charge of BCRLF will work with you to research the topic and find its feasibility/viability before deciding whether or not to fund it. While the payoff may not be immediate, each dollar spent will help the current generation of Beloiters leave the campus in better shape for the Beloit of the future.

Click here to submit an idea for the Beloit College Revolving Loan Fund.