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Creative Writing class heads to the woods (pic)

December 10, 2013

In order to preempt the doldrums of impending finals, English Professor Shawn Gillen treated his creative writing students (Introduction to Creative Writing, English 205) to a trip to poet Lorine Niedecker’s former cabin near Fort Atkinson, Wis., last week.

“We talked about her work and the writing life and tried to forget that it was 16 degrees above zero outside,” Gillen says. “We drove out to Niedecker's cabin after reading one of her books (The Granite Pail) and studying her poetry.”

Students are in the midst of working on their own poems for Gillen’s class. After the jaunt to the cabin, the class stopped by Fort Atkinson for lunch.

“It was a nice, chilly getaway before the rush of finals,” Gillen says.

Creative Writing class heads to the woods (pic) 

Trivia: Niedecker attended Beloit for two years before she left to tend to her mother, who had gone deaf.